Tuesday, July 22, 2008

15 Ways to Teach Kids About Money - FamilyEducation.com

The Value of a Dollar

Looking up the word "Value" in the dictionary or using http://www.dictionary.com/, you will find yourself armed with many useful meanings for the word. Everything from how you view someone's worth, to monetary notation's for items purchased, exist for the word.
For many of us value is definitely not what we're seeing in the American dollar these days. I think we all can agree, constantly watching the market go up and down is worse than a roller coaster ride with no harness to keep you seated.
With this in mind, when was the last time you talked to your kids about the value of a dollar and how far it does or doesn't go these days. Get a head start on sharing the pros and woes of investing and saving for a rainy day. Share with them how to make wise choices with their allowances and the difference between wants and needs. Set goals for special items and tell them for every dollar saved you'll add a dollar to match.
Let's face it people, it's times like we're in now, where the real lessons of the value of a dollar are learned. And who better to teach them how to spend wisely then you.

15 Ways to Teach Kids About Money - FamilyEducation.com

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